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Spring Break 2011

Hey People! Sorry for the silence, but life’s been crazy here at Camp Victor.  Here’s a taste of what’s been going on:
Friday, March 18th: Left Luther at 7pm

Saturday, March 19th: Arrived at the Camp Feliciana Retreat Center in Norwood, Louisiana.  (We finished the day with a campfire complete with chants, songs, & SMORES!)

Sunday, March 20th: Left Camp Feliciana around 1pm, watched DISNEY’S The Princess & the Frog on the way, and arrived at New Orleans, LA around 3pm. Spent the rest of the day enjoying the French Quarter (Beignets anyone??)

Monday, March 21st: Spent the morning in New Orleans, left for Ocean Springs, MS around 1:30pm. Spent the afternoon on the beach and getting orientated at Camp Victor.

Tuesday, March 22nd: First day on the job sites! We are working directly with Habitat For Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast this year. There are 50 people representing Luther on four separate new construction sites. Three of the sites are literally either right next to each other or across the street from each other. The fourth site is located 4 or 5 blocks away. The two sites right next to each other (the “building” houses) have the framework up– we are planning on putting the trusses for the roof up this week.  The other two sites are at the painting stage (the “painting” houses).

Wednesday, March 23rd: Second day on the job sites! The corner “building” house was covered with wrap so that siding, etc. could be added later. Site Manager Bob’s “building” house underwent inspection today so that it could be wrapped too. We are hoping that the trusses can start going up tomorrow.

The “painting” house next to the “building” houses now has two coats of interior paint. All the remains for painting is touching-up the corners with paintbrushes. This group also finished building/installing railings AND built/put up the frames work for a small shed.

The “painting” house further away from the others finished painting the exterior and took down scaffolding. Interior painting starts tomorrow (hopefully).

After a hard day of work, the group headed over to The Shed, a local BBQ place!


I PROMISE more updates will follow, PLEASE KEEP CHECKING!


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